Photography Services

At ESCO, we focus on your business.  Our creative photography professionals communicate with you to produce crisp, intriguing images that promote your brand and mission.  Whether photographing your awards for brochures, web sites or press releases, ESCO can assist. We take pride in expanding the boundaries of studio photography and Photoshop® techniques that produce creative results for our customers.  


Design Services

Design is our Passion.  ESCO specializes in designing unique emblematic and fashion jewelry, awards and gifts.  We work closely with you to ensure that your initial concept comes to life in the form of a stunning ring, charm, emblem, lapel pin, medallion or accessory that will promote your organization’s goals and delight the recipient.  Other design services include cutting-edge graphics and production techniques for an up to date look on a wide array of engraved gifts, awards and recognition products such as plaques, trophies, crystal and acrylic media.


Administration Services

Our administration services go hand in hand with our design services. ESCO gladly takes care of details, such as drop-shipping, gift wrapping,  tracking responses,reporting and special packaging. Get the 'White Glove' treatment you deserve when you leave your administrative headaches in ESCO's very capable hands.


Affiliate Store Services


Your on-line fulfillment needs can be out-sourced to ESCO as you see fit. This worry-free process allows you to develop an e-commerce store for your organization.  You’ll have complete control over the quality and type of products offered, pricing and access to the site with special password protected capabilities.  ESCO works closely with organizations world wide and handles all the product research and development, sourcing, samples, photography, inventorying and on-line programming necessary to create a unique shopping experience for your members.


Contract Services

  • Die cutting
  • Mold making
  • Casting
  • Stone setting
  • Polishing
  • Electroplating
  • Jewelry repair
  • Laser  engraving
  • Epoxy / color fill
  • Die striking / blanking / trimming
  • Embossing
  • Fusion welding
  • Assembly / packaging
  • Sublimation
  • Pantograph engraving