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In 1934, The Erffmeyer & Son Company was    established in downtown Milwaukee, in the Plankinton Building. We purchased and took over the emblematic manufacturing division of the Bundy and Upmeyer business and became Erffmeyer & Son Company, Inc. (ESCO).  Chet Erffmeyer, with his wife Lillian alongside him, worked  to perfect the production of high quality emblematic jewelry and  awards.


  ESCO still has the knowledge, expertise and old-world craftsmanship taught and passed on through generations that are unfortunately lost to most of today's businesses. At ESCO ideas are transformed into reality through the skill and precision of our craftsmen. Whether it's the delicate process of casting, soldering or diamond setting, you can be sure that our skilled experts will craft pieces of unsurpassed quality.   Some things need to be made using age-old techniques and expert  hand-processes taught and passed on through generations - no shortcuts. Other pieces are better made utilizing the most advanced technology available. ESCO can be trusted to know the difference. Our relentless fervor to "make things" has caused us to seek out and obtain the latest in manufacturing technologies available.


Manufacturing Facilities

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  ESCO is not a deceptive on-line persona. We're the real thing! Our process begins with an idea presented to our design team. Artwork is created and approved, then passed along to die and tool makers, who then craft a custom die, mold, tool or template that will ultimately be used to stamp, cast, form or mark custom products.Then, on to production, using many types of machinery; including hydraulics, automatic trimmers, lasering, engraving, etching, blasting and tumbling. Highly skilled artisans set gemstones and apply finishing touches by hand. All pieces are rigorously inspected before leaving our facility.   ESCO made products are designed and manufactured by skilled craftsmen in our ever expanding facilities. Design and creativity along with the ability to directly control quality, construction and production are the essential cornerstones that built ESCO and will continue to define us. American manufacturing, the backbone of this country, is instilled in the ESCO culture and we labor with a relentless fervor to bring products of unsurpassed quality to our discerning customers.   These are the pillars of our organization. Our creative team will work in concert with you to create unique custom awards. ESCO understands that your company's logo is your image. We will attentively work to create innovative designs that will truly enhance your corporate image. Additionally, ESCO's art staff is available for you to design and produce custom brochures and flyers to promote your business!